What Happens When You Take Steroids?

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If you had visited the gym for reducing weight or building muscles, you would have seen the others in the gym using steroids. According to the study, it was estimated that almost 3 million Americans are using steroids to build their muscles rapidly. But no one is aware of what happens exactly in your body when you take steroids.

How Do Muscles Develop in your Body?

Almost all physical activity will cause damage to your muscles. Most of the people in the gym who lift heavy weights will experience more damage in their muscles. Because, such people lift heavy weight, for which their bodies consider to be the rigorous activity. But human body is actually a wonderful creation and such damaged muscles will get quick recovery soon by means of building muscle protein strands to repair and heal the damaged muscles. Similarly when you work out and lift heavy weights much, your body will synthesize much protein strands to repair the same muscles. Thus, building up much protein strands in your muscles lead to the growth of muscles and hence, the person will look buffed up.

But the degree of muscle growth is decided by the testosterone that is responsible for protein synthesis in the body. This is why men having larger muscles when compared to women.

How Steroids Helps:

Steroids are synthetic drugs having the chemical structure of four carbon-ring benzene ring structure. They are prescribed by doctors to treat different conditions from simple conditions like fever and headaches or for more complex sex hormones like estrogen and testosterone issues to AIDS issue. Most of the legal steroids are used as a substitute to testosterone or to normalize the level of it. Such steroids are often used by more than 15% of people who are visiting the gym for body building activities.

As already seen, that testosterone is responsible for protein synthesis, Steroids that are mimic of testosterone does the same task. But such steroids will work faster in building your muscles by synthesizing muscle protein strands. This is why many gym-goers prefer the use of steroids, soon after they join the gym or fitness center. Steroids are doing the same work of testosterone and thus, they are used to build muscles rapidly.

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